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What do your customers want? How do you exceed their expectations? How do you ensure that what you’re offering your customers is exactly what they need? How do you answer these questions? Research, research, research. Except, here’s the great news! There are three things you can rest assured your customers want from you that require no research at all: Service that is SIMPLE, FAST and EFFECTIVE. Service that does what it says it will do, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Not that you should stop searching for the other qualities your customers expect from your service, but you should act now, knowing that simple, fast, effective service will always be on their list. Impatience is at its highest. People want what they want – and they want it now. They don’t want to sit on the other side of the phone, and they don’t want to linger in line. With the number of companies out there, customers can easily bypass your business for a competitor.

So, how do you make your service simple, fast and effective?

1. Cut the fat.
Identify every step in the service system, determine the necessities, and remove whatever doesn’t make the cut. Extra steps don’t always simplify things, despite what we assume; in fact, sometimes they only complicate things for the customer. So, do without the added bells and whistles.

2. Situate products & services strategically.
Whether you sell products or services, determine the items your customers most frequently want, and strategically put these services and products in the most convenient place. Don’t make it hard for your customers to get what they want. Too often, companies place their high-demand products at the back of the store or deep within their website, hoping that their customers will pick up other products along the way – now, although this can work at times, it can backfire and burden your customers. Err on the safe side to make it simple for your customers.

3. Be efficient with your employees.
Know your employees well to use this information strategically. Situate your employees according to their strengths, so that you capitalize on their strengths and minimize their faults. This not only allows you to put employees in positions where they are really put to good use, but it also ensures that the majority of your employees’ weaknesses are concealed from customers.

Simple, fast and effective service is what customers want. It saves them time, values their time and prioritizes their time. What’s your secret to delivering simple service?

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