Smile with a Helping Hand: Change the World for the Better

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Have you ever notice how people don’t smile very much?

At a recent happy event, a wedding, I noticed many of the guests had frowns or deadpan looks on their faces. My wife mentioned the same thing, quoting her mother’s description of “a look like seven rainy days” and “that one hasn’t smiled since first grade”. Over the next week, I watched people in the airport. Most were either looking at their phones or had frowns on their faces. Later that night I saw the same thing at dinner in a restaurant.

mile with a Helping Hand: Change the World for the Better Smile It Can Change the WorldWhile working the next day with a client that owns supermarkets, I zoned in on customers coming and going. Most seemed like zombies until an employee greeted them with a smile. You know what? Most smiled back! Imagine how this one kind act might change someone’s day or maybe their life for the better!  Smiles express empathy and care. Recently, I came across the quote, “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours”. 

Why not smile more?

It’s an urban myth that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile (11 to 12 ). In addition, research suggests it takes less energy smiling and that they are contagious. Therefore, try it. Smile more and you will feel better. It’s a could be a change for you, but a good one.

It’s been a positive lesson for me to relearn and to do this more. We need this type of human touch in a world of work driven by technology. I think it’s the beginning for a more compassionate world. Finally, Mother Teresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”

Add a Kind Helping Hand

You know the next step. Show someone kindness. In the midst of a pandemic, a challenging economy and riots–we need this. For example, racism at it’s core is about fear, control and hatred. You can’t legislate this away. However, as the song says “what the world needs now is love sweet love, that’s one thing there is just too little of.” All of us can offer a smile with a helping hand. This counteracts  prejudice and bias while expressing love. We do need much more of this in our communities and countries. Each time with each person on a daily basis it will change the world.

mile with a Helping Hand: Change the World for the Better Smile It Can Change the WorldDo you want a great read to stimulate your thinking for encouraging self-development? Go here: The Extraordinary Employee.

In addition, are you looking for inspirational but practical management advice to fast track your success? If so, check out the Superstar Leadership book.

Finally, if your organization is going through lots of change, see this complimentary guide: Changing Change Management: How to Empower Employees in the Midst of Change.

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  • Patrick Loke

    Agree, smile is free and you will be amazed by the positivity it generates.

  • Dickson Sedzi

    When we smile, it is as if a burden is lifted off our shoulders. It’s good to smile.

    • Rick Conlow

      HI Dickson:
      No doubt…excellent thought. Thanks for the comment.

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mile with a Helping Hand: Change the World for the Better

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