The Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package

Today is the beginning for you reaching the next level. Did you know most leadership and management training programs fail. Why? Because they are academic, theoretical and geared to executives. Put together by people who have never worked in the trenches in an organization as a manager. The Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package is different and better. I started on the frontlines and over the years created this program that has worked for others, as a manager for managers. With continued improvement, my business partner and I applied to a couple hundred companies through our consulting firm WCW Partners which I later renamed Rick Conlow International (RCI). I have trained or coached over 400,000 managers who do the real work in companies.

This high-powered program is aimed at the ambitious who will not leave success to chance. The goal is a step-by-step methodical plan of leadership development. You will receive:

  • 7 highly engaging in-depth webinars in critical success areas based 20 years of research from RCI and WCW Partners. Topics include:
    • The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Middle Managers
    • How to Handle Employee Performance Problems
    • How to Drive Employee Engagement
    • How to Delegate Effectively
    • How to Proactively Plan to Win with Your Team
    • Managing with Leadership Flexibility
    • 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers

$997 $197 this week only. 80% off!

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package promo

  • Two of Rick’s eBooks, Unparalleled Leadership and GoalPower.
  • All of the Advanced Superstar Leadership Membership Site materials are included
  • Regular communication from me to keep you on track!

This is a special week because I’m offering the program at 80% off. I won’t offer a discount like this again. The reason I’m doing this is because I had thousands of managers go through my SuperSTAR Leadership Performance Plan this year and because it’s been so effective, they’ve been asking for the next level training. So I’d like to offer it to everyone at super affordable price.

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