Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019

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The Succeeding as Leader Total Development Package

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Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 $997 $197 this week only!

Today is the beginning for you reaching the next level. Did you know most leadership and management training programs fail. Why? Because they are academic, theoretical and geared to executives. Put together by people who have never worked in the trenches in an organization as a manager. The Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package is different and better. I started on the frontlines, and over the years created this program-as worked for others-as a manager for managers. With continued improvement, my business partner and I applied to a couple hundred companies through our consulting firm WCW Partners which I later renamed Rick Conlow International (RCI). I have trained or coached over 400,000 managers who do the real work in companies.

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 See the excellent results, program details and success testimonials below. Isn’t it time you set yourself apart, and realize what you know you can really achieve? As former President JFK said:

You can transform from manager to leader, and create better performance in your team. It won’t happen overnight, but The Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package give you a roadmap for success faster than you think.



Management Derailment Studies show that 82% of managers fail.

In addition, an employee engagement survey showed that 87% of employees are disengaged. This is a problem because the workplace is often toxic. It’s an opportunity for managers who know how to create a high performance work culture.

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 You don’t have to fail, you can be better leader and as you do your team will perform better. YOU can win, and succeed. Make no mistake about it. You will have to work at it. Olympic athletes put in 10,000 hours of practice over 4 years in their quest for gold.  All of them have coaches who help them be their best.

The Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package will guide, train and coach you to excel, too. Rick Conlow International has proven results with its Client-Partners.


You can achieve impressive bottom-line results like us, our clients and their management teams.

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019

RCI Bottom-Line Results

  • Retail Company – Customer loyalty focus achieved dramatic gains of 15 points in customer surveys, 8% improvement in same store sales, 5% gain in transaction counts and a 60% decrease in complaints.
  • Services Company – With a customer driven SuperSTAR Sales process, increased sales to existing customer 75% of the year while improving customer retention. Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 Achieved five record years in a row!
  • Medical Manufacturer – Sales strategic planning BEST sales training, coaching and client satisfaction development increased growth over 30% in a down market!
  • Retail Company – Dramatic sales gains 48-73% from LA to Chicago to Baltimore through a service sales leadership and coaching initiative!
  • Recognition – 48 service quality awards, Ford’s President’s Awards, Canada’s Consumer Choice Award and the JD Power Award.

What do you want to accomplish with your teams?

  • Improved productivity?
  • Better quality?
  • More sales?
  • Higher customer service?
  • Enhanced teamwork?

What do you want?

  • More work satisfaction with less stress?
  • Increase your confidence as a leader?
  • Better team results?
  • Revitalize your energy and commitment?
  • Improve your career opportunities?

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Available Now at 80% off!

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 $997 $197 this week only!

The Succeeding as Leader Total Development Package provides you with a proven roadmap for progress and higher performance for you and your team!

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019

The Succeeding as Leader Total
Development Package Program Details

You will receive:

SevSucceeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 en powerful webinar packed with strategies, stories, examples and tips for your success. Each will be delivered to your in box once a week. Each is well researched and contains successful practices that have been applied in multiple industries and companies.

This is phase 1 of the program. The RCI Coaching Questionnaire for development planning will provided to help you focus your attention and learning. You will learn how to transform from manager to leader.



You will also receive:

In phase 2 of the program you will receive inclusion in our member site and directions and guidance to help you learn and apply the Superstar Leadership roadmap. The goal is a fast start to implementing the material so you grow as a leader and coach your team to better performance. These resources are included:

  • The 223 page best selling Superstar Leadership book (this will be mailed to you).Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019
  • Ongoing RCI email communication about the 90-Day FastStart Performance Plan.
  • BONUS: 3 monthly Superstar Leadership Group Coaching Webinar sessions.
  • The exclusive Superstar Leadership Membership site that include these materials for your convenience, tracking, reinforcement and follow-up.
  • The 30 page Superstar Leadership workbook for successful application and execution.
  • 3 Superstar Leadership DVDs. (These will be mailed to you with the book)
  • The 68 page Superstar Leadership Assessment and Action Planning Guide.

12 in-depth leadership training videos covering the Superstar Leadership Model roadmap:

  1. The 10 strategies of SuperSTAR leaders!
  2. How to coach others toward excellence!
  3. How to plan effectively and efficiently!
  4. How to motivate and inspire others to be their best!
  5. How to train like a professional trainer!
  6. How to lead others (as well as yourself) toward positive change!
  7. How to adapt and remain flexible in hard-to-manage situations!
  8. How to drive performance by engaging others effectively!
  9. How to remain dedicated and committed to continuous improvement!
  10. How to execute on all cylinders at all times!
  11. How to establish an environment that fosters collaborating and team building
  12. How to hire top candidates and keep top performers!

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019

YOU will gain:

  • Confidence in your ability to lead others to higher levels
  • Greater satisfaction in your role as a leader
  • Understanding and methods to motivate-no-inspire others to be their best
  • Tools to transform yourself from manager to leader
  • Strategies to coach your team to improve and exceed their goals
  • Tactics for developing and engaging your team through planning, communicating, coaching and training
  • Insight on how to deal with employee engagement, poor performers, and business problems at all levels
  • The “state of mind” of the best leaders

Enroll Now!

Available Now at 80% off!

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 $997 $197 this week only!

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 Success Testimonials…this could be YOU!

“Rick learned our business and developed specific and functional succeeding as a leader training sessions for both our field management team as well as sales and support employees in our headquarters office. The response from the staff very positive and the performance of our entire organization improved.”

Jim Farnham, Regional VP, CSC Credit Services                                                                                

“Rick does an outstanding job of listening to our unique challenges. He has a special ability to offer leadership training solutions, and provide world class coaching along the way.”

Pat Collins, Sales Director, Spectrum

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 “Our experience with Rick Conlow has been excellent! Our opportunities to enhance and grow as an organization are definitely improved through our collective with Rick, RCI, along with our work in leadership training-The Succeeding as Leadership Development Package live and online programs. Our work in areas of strategic planning, employee engagement, and continual improvement are headed in the right direction through this our initiatives!”

Bryan Lervick, President, Northern Power Products

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 “My first contact with Rick was when I attended a Succeeding as a Leader seminar series with Rick as the presenter. I was so inspired that I signed up 10 of my reports to attend his live and online programs. Whenever you force anyone to attend classes they are reluctant to say the least. By the end of the classes many of them continued contact with Rick for additional training. Since then I hired Rick on two occasions to train and inspire Managers. He is a learned, insightful, and compassionate instructor and human being. I would highly recommend Rick. Rick’s business acumen is top notch, he gets results and your people will enjoy the process.”

Davis Jeffrey, Vice President Sales Carpet King

“I have worked with Rick for several years to develop and implement leadership development programs. Rick brings a passion for developing leaders that is second to none. He understands how to help people learn and grow and genuinely cares about the results. He puts the time into getting to know his clients and what they need from him to succeed!

Jim Lee, Training Mgr, Metro Mechanical

“Each time our management team works with Rick, the intended outcome is achieved. We develop as a team and as professionals in ways that are truly remarkable. Rick’s online Succeeding as Leader programs are clear, customized and powerful. I highly recommend Rick Conlow as a consultant, trainer, presenter and coach there is none better.”

Patrick Maloney, President, DPD Print Distribution

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 “Rick’s energy and positive attitude are his trademark. He cares about getting results as much as any of our employees. His cando attitude is infectious and helps drive results. Rick is a fantastic Superstar leadership presenter and meeting facilitator, as well. I would recommend Rick and RCI to any company looking to improve their leadership skills, employee sales and customer service performance.”

Chris Mayer, Director Service Sales, AmeriPride Services

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rick and RCI on a number of projects. I have found him to be knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated to achieving the objectives defined within our projects. His Succeeding as Leader Total Dev. Package outcomes were timely and cost effective. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick both personally and professionally.”

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 Jim Hansen, Systems Mgr. Engineer, U of M, MN

“Rick Conlow is the real thing. He lives his life according to the code of ethics and principles he has established for his business practices and Succeeding as a Leader programs In these uncertain economic times, his positive vision is more valued than ever to work as a catalyst within your organization. It is with sincerely that I can wholeheartedly recommend Rick!”

Anita Bennett, General Manager, Theisen Vending Company

“Rick is great to work with. High energy….and good business partner for our customer experience and Success as a Leader management training!”

Tammy Nink, Senior Manager, Corporate Customer Service, Meijer

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 “Thank you for the Superstar leadership training your provided to our supervisory team. We have seen bottom-line impact through improved communication, leadership and coaching skills. We recommend RCI to anyone serious about building a high performing team.”

Jeff Henderson, Field Service Manager, Metro Sales Inc.


Enroll Now!

Available Now at 80% off!

Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package August 2019 $997 $197 this week only!

Transforming Managers to Leaders

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Succeeding as a Leader Total Development Package is the world’s most comprehensive leadership training program for team leaders, supervisors, managers, trainers and coaches. Rick Conlow International has trained thousands of managers and leaders worldwide.


We offer a 30-Day, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. So, if you are not happy with the quality of the program or material just ask for your money back. The learning and skills required in the pursuit of any goal takes hard work, determination, application and persistence to be successful. Our program requires the same diligence. We want people to enroll in our program who are serious, hard working and want to take their experience of leadership to another level of ethics, honor and impact. Please don’t enroll if you can’t make a commitment to rise above the norm or are looking for ways to take short cuts to realize significant progress.


We don’t believe in rags to riches programs or overnight success. Commitment, hard work, persistence, integrity and a service orientation over time brings you higher performance. All of our programs are designed to help you learn how to learn, to develop your career potential. and that of others as you apply the information. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your capability to get results or earn any money with our programs, training, ideas, information, tools or strategies.

We don’t know each other, and besides life is a do it yourself project. Your success is up to you in the final analysis. Do you agree? Our goal is to help by giving you great material, focus, tactics, methods and approaches that move you in the right direction. Leadership takes commitment to help others, continual learning, and excellent execution.

All of our products and services at RCI are for educational and informational purposes only. None of information in this material, our blog or website guarantee’s results, promotions or future earnings. We do not offer tax, medical, legal or other professional advice.  All of the results discussed are illustrative. They relate to real client or individual manager results concerning their issues, problems, circumstances and challenges. These are unique to each company and manager which impact potential outcomes. Any decisions made on the material presented should be done with the understanding that there are potential gains and risks. Be cautious and consult your accountant, lawyer or professional adviser in making decisions that affect your lifestyle, career or financial status. You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, behavior, actions and results. By enrolling you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, behavior, actions or results at any time or under any circumstance.

Thanks for coming by. We encourage you to keep learning, to lead with integrity, and live purposefully.

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