Why Leadership Training Fails to Deliver and How to Fix It

The leadership training industry totals close to $400 billion in size. It is one of the most costly yet essentially underutilized tools in business globally. Most of the money spent is wasted and efforts fail because companies aren’t really committed to actually developing managers.  As a result, research by Gallup shows 82% of managers aren’t […]

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Employees First, Customers Second

Now here is a revolutionary idea: employees first? Aren’t they the greatest resource of a company? Isn’t it time companies and managers started thinking that way. I just had a comment yesterday from a manager that said, “Employees are nothing more than a cost of doing business.” What an archaic viewpoint. Multiple research suggests employees […]

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4 Powerful Approaches to Turn Failure into Success

Our life can take unexpected turns for the worst. One day you are a success and the next a failure. Things seem to be going well and then, abruptly they aren’t. You expected the promotion and then didn’t get it. The customer promised a big order and then it didn’t happen. A new boss changes […]

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Employees Crave Recognition, Give it to Them!

Employee’s crave recognition. Think of how our reliable dog friends become when they are praised for a certain behavior that we like. In addition, a two-handed ear or neck rubbing has them excited to do it all over again, just for that delightful payback! Employees repeat praised behavior. Managers need to do it more. Consider, […]

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3 Communication Skills with Authentic Power and Positivity!

Excellent communication skills will transform your impact on others. Most managers, and employees are unaware of the concept discussed in this communication skills training video. Consequently, those who communicate well have the power. Also, communicating with positivity can change people’s life’s for the better and motivate them to higher performance. As a result, good leaders, […]

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11 Mistakes Managers Make in the Performance Appraisal

Most employees dread a performance appraisal. Why? Quite frankly managers are poor at it. So, most end up doing more damage than good. Nearly all bigger companies have gone to online systems to manage the process. This adds some accountability and quality control. Yet, managers still lack the skills to be effective. In addition, online […]

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A Genuine Leader is Rare and Desperately in Demand

A genuine leader​ is rare, precious to work with, and desperately in demand.  She stormed into the office and interrupted the team meeting. Instantly, she declared that things will change. Similarly, she talked loudly while rapping her bracelets on the table for emphasis. For thirty minutes everyone was frozen in time as the abuse continued. […]

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Leadership Trust: 8 Keys to Create Credibility

Leadership trust is about positive influence. However, too many leaders have negative influence on and that’s why 70% of employees don’t like their boss. In addition, nearly 9 out of 10 employees are disengaged at work. Research Shows Leadership Trust is Low Research by Edelman’s Trust Barometer demonstrates that distrust worldwide in leaders in all […]

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10 People Skills that are Guilty of Desertion

“The most important skills I had to learn to be successful were people skills.”  Declared flamboyant businessman Richard Branson. Dr. Daniel Goleman calls these skills our Emotional Intelligence. This involves personal and social competence. Unfortunately, it seems people skills are guilty of desertion when you consider the high levels of management failure, employee discontent and poor […]

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