Servant Leadership Principles: How to Make them Work

In the video post you will learn five Servant Leadership principles that will change your management career. With the Great Resignation it is evident the current leadership thought is broken. In essence, all leaders at all levels must elevate their capabilities if they want to create high performing teams. Servant Leadership Principles All Servant Leadership […]

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Warning: Pessimism is Hazardous to Your Health

Pessimism is hazardous to your health, according to a 25-year study at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. The study wanted to identify optimism and pessimism tendencies in people. Therefore, the Mayo Clinic distributed a personality test to hundreds of participants. The results proved that, on average, pessimistic people die 19 percent earlier than optimistic individuals. In other words, […]

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Ten Principles for an Employee Bill of Rights

Employees need a global bill of rights. Why? Companies worldwide have battered and taken advantage of them. Who is standing up for employees? What protection do employees really have? Yes, governments pass laws to help. European countries do a better job. Unions are on the decline. However, organizations always find the loopholes. Most companies have […]

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The Top Eleven Things Employees Want From A Leader

What do employees want from their boss or in a job? Obviously, they are not receiving it with the elevated levels of employee discontent, disengagement, and distrust. Consequently, the current Great Resignation and Quit manifested into a nightmare for leaders and organizations. You do not have to succumb to these negative results. If you pay […]

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5 Coaching Steps that Bring Out the Best in People

Unfortunately, few managers know the coaching steps to follow to become an outstanding coach. So, they do not coach well. Why? Because it is not a priority. Of course, you know that being an employee. Most people have experienced the lack of coaching. In contrast, Servant Leaders do an excellent job of coaching because they […]

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7 Miserable Mistakes Managers Make

Managers have many things in common – and some of those “things” happen to be the miserable mistakes they make. This list does not cover every mistake, but it tackles seven that will readily inhibit or derail a career. Above all, they sabotage employee performance, engagement, and retention.  4 Miserable Mistakes Relying on the position […]

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The Great Resignation: Poor Management Impact on Employees

The great resignation and quit began well before the pandemic. With new communication technologies and needed remote work with covid-19, the result accelerated. Companies for decades have neglected their teams. Pay did not keep pace with inflation or CEO salaries. In addition, most managers are ill-trained, overworked, and unappreciated. Most Employees are “commodities” not valuable […]

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7 Fairy Tales Companies Tell Employees

Fairy tales live and breathe in corporations. Here is one. In employee engagement surveys, one of the top areas of complaints is communication. The number one skill most CEOs say helped them get to the top is their ability to communicate. That is quite a gap in perception! Here are seven other common ‘fairy tales’, […]

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Why Every Employee Should Become an Entrepreneur

Could you be an entrepreneur? I have come across tons of people who are tired of the way companies and their bosses have treated them. I say, “Don’t put up with it!” It is time all employees-YOU- become an entrepreneur. The people I have talked to are concerned about and fed up with: Toxic workplaces […]

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The Positive Impact of Performance Discussions

According to research employees hate performance reviews and love performance discussions. Why? Because  leaders engage their employees face to face on a regular basis not just once or twice a year. The media asked the late Sam Walton of Wal-Mart (when the company was rapidly expanding) why he spent only one day a week in […]

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