The 26 Greatest Motivational Quotes of All-Time

Who doesn’t want the motivation to achieve more success?  Therefore, may these quotes support and encourage you on your journey this year. Further, the number 26 signifies gaining wealth, prosperity, happiness and balance. In addition, it emphasizes real positive change in life. Positive Motivation to Start Fast “Cheers to a new year and another chance […]

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How to Transform Positive Thinking into Positive Living

Life has the habit of wearing us down. Positive living is hard to do. Will positive thinking really help us in defeat? Rejection? Frustration? Setbacks? Illness? Or, critics?  Unfortunately, we all are confronted with these kinds of challenges in life. It’s part of the human condition. Most of us do try positive thinking to get […]

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10 Phrases that Good Managers Say Regularly

Good managers are different from other bosses. If you have had one lately you probably noticed they have high standards, are upbeat, knowledgeable and straight talkers. You will get the feedback you need to succeed. If you are lucky enough to have one you will want to excel, because you believe in yourself a little […]

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The Philosophy of Management: “Earn” these Things!

“You have to earn these things.” This is a simple but powerful statement about The Philosophy of Management. It suggests a leadership lesson any manager must learn or re-learn. However,  it is absent in so many individuals in positions of authority and influence. Watch this leadership training video as it defines this profound principle. The […]

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5 Mindset Tips about the Success of Champions

Over nine decades ago, Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane of New York’s Kane Summit Hospital changed his mindset. He felt doctors were losing too many patients in appendectomy surgery, many because of the effects of general anesthesia. He felt that local anesthesia would be better for the patients but, not surprisingly, no volunteers came forward to […]

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Smile: It Can Change the World for the Better

Have you ever notice how people don’t smile very much? At a recent happy event, a wedding, I noticed many of the guests had frowns or deadpan looks on their faces. My wife mentioned the same thing, quoting her mother’s description of “a look like seven rainy days” and “that one hasn’t smiled since first […]

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Believe in Yourself: You Can Do it Today!

To believe in yourself or not, that is the question. Do you want or need a life breakthrough? Are you disappointed in your career progress this last year? Maybe, depressed because things didn’t work out like you planned? Do you have bigger goals but you seem stuck?   As a result, watch this motivational training video […]

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Communicating Well in Spite of a Difference in Opinion

Today it appears that your opinion on whatever subject, it’s either black or white and no in-between.  Many of us feel compelled to tell everybody how right we are in our views. Consequently, a difference in opinion is less and less tolerated. Have you noticed that? Check out this prose, Differences of Opinion, by Wendy Cope, a […]

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Micromanagers Lie by Not Admitting It

Do you know a micromanager? My wife and I are fortunate to know Dr. Rand Rasmussen, a therapist and educator in Family Counseling and Therapy. He has long been a trained observer of human nature and we are regularly treated to his Will Rogers-like commentary. He claims that there are three things people will always […]

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The One Trait that Turns Setbacks into Comebacks

We all face setbacks, stress and difficulties in life. A friend of our family returned home early from a business trip one weekend, and found his spouse in bed with another man. Consequently, he was stunned, and eventually got a divorce. Soon after this, he found out he had cancer and began an intense treatment. […]

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