Employee Disengagement is a Dinosaur Result

Employee disengagement plagues many companies. Subsequently, with the pandemic many companies added to their neglect and abuse of employees. For example, read these situations. Recent Employee Disengagement Examples The May Day strike of Amazon, Target, Walmart, Instacart and others highlights employee disengagement. Front-line employees are concerned about demanding work schedules, the lack of safety and […]

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What Great Leaders Do: Engaging Employees in a Crisis

Great leaders shine in a crisis. Certainly, in good times great leaders communicate well. More importantly, during tough times they communicate brilliantly. 3 Examples How Great Leaders Engage Their Teams Watch this short but powerful leadership training video as Rick shares what great leaders do differently. In this leadership motivation clip you will hear three […]

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How to Turn Your Setback into a Payback: 4 Methods

Courageous people can survive just about any setback because they are resilient. Consequently, they learn to turn it into payback. They demonstrate hope within despair and defeat. All of us could use encouragement in the midst of this current pandemic. Likewise, we become more effective with help during our problems, setbacks or challenges. Watch this […]

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Employees are People NOT Assets

Calling employees assets, human capital, talent, worker bees, personnel, human resources, laborer, the help, and blue collar is demeaning. It generates a whole aura about how a company values people. Even the word employee carries negative connotations. It can mean average, or a cog in wheel or a commodity or a peon. In contrast, one […]

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13 Difficulties that Define a Manager’s Destiny

Management difficulties are like a tsunami that never ends. Every day I hear about it from managers at all levels. Successful managers learn to absorb the issues as nourishment, to build a high performance team. Others become swamped, panicked, and succumb to a never ending nightmare. Believe it or not, a manager’s destiny is a […]

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10 Phrases that Good Managers Say Regularly

Good managers use phrases and words that are different from other bosses. If you have had one lately you probably noticed they have high standards, are upbeat, knowledgeable and straight talkers. You will get the feedback you need to succeed. If you are lucky enough to have one you will want to excel, because you […]

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25 Team Leadership Quotes that Inspire Greatness

Team leadership is a precious skill. However, teams in organizations are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They work and make progress. Then, boom, they materialize into a nightmare. Everyone talks about the importance of “team” so it has become a worn out cliché. Together everyone achieves more (T.E.A.M.) is the spoken acronym, and nearly […]

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Nelson Mandela: How to Lead by Example

Nelson Mandela had a huge problem as President of South Africa. How could he help his country heal from apartheid and achieve reconciliation? He did it by leading by example. He stated, “Courageous people do not fear forgiving, for the sake of peace.” The 1995 Rugby Championships Mandela encouraged black South Africans to get behind […]

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Win an Employee’s Heart, Achieve Superb Results

Most employees go to work, and his or her heart isn’t in it. What does that mean? Leaders’ say employees lack engagement. In other words, they lack spirit and excitement for what they do. As a result performance, sales, customer service and quality suffers. Can you relate to this? So, the job is a job. […]

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