Transforming from a Good to Great Coach

Transforming from a good to great coach equals turning disengaged employees into top performers. However, employees today are restless. They quiet quit, loud quit, quit without notice, and are more disengaged, and disloyal than ever. Furthermore, 70% will quit for a better offer. About 38% of quitters leave in about a year. And people 25-34 […]

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The 60 Most Potent and Greatest Quotes of All Time

To achieve a greatest quotes of all time status, the author must be well known, and the quote must inspire the reader to believe bigger. While there are other famous quotes, these quotes epitomize the best of the best. They encompass wisdom, inspiration, and timeless insights from a diverse group of individuals. All the authors […]

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Achieving Customer Experience Leadership

This customer experience training video will share the state-of-the-art in the field. Unfortunately, it is not that good but that could be a benefit for you. Companies lose billions of dollars a year because of poor customer service. Few companies have learned how to get better and lead their markets. Most try and end up […]

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The Power of Servant Leadership

The power of Servant Leadership is changing organization’s cultures. Why? Because it is the best alternative to traditional leadership practices that caused the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting. And horrendous employee disengagement of 85% worldwide. On top of this, high levels of management disengagement bears down on company results and employee morale. Management’s morae suffers […]

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Why Employee Recognition Matters in Today’s Workplace

Employee recognition is an often-undervalued approach. When executed well it elevates engagement and retention.  In the battle for talent in an increasingly complex, disruptive, and competitive world, organizations cannot afford to miss this point. Culturally engrained employee recognition and appreciation matters in today’s workplace. The High Payoff of Employee Recognition Research shows employees with little, […]

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37 Terrific Teamwork Quotes: Embracing the Power of Unity

Teamwork works! These teamwork quotes illustrate that. Yet, research demonstrates that 60% teams fail. Another study shows that 75% of teams are dysfunctional. Company slogans chant T.E.A.M. meaning together everyone achieves more. However, too often it is a hollow slogan. When employee engagement and management effectiveness is low teamwork fails. Corporate silos, toxic cultures, and […]

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Great Companies and Leaders Elevate People First

Great companies and managers elevate people first. Yet, employees’ are disengaged to the tune of 85% worldwide. In the US it is 70%. Either number is disastrously poor. What does this mean to a company? For example, high employee disengagement equals: Poor morale More employee turnover Absenteeism Poor customer service Lower productivity Fewer sales Lack […]

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Preventing the Exodus of Quiet Quitting at Work

The phrase–exodus of quiet quitting at work–refers to employees who still go to work. However, they underperform purposefully. A company must understand that quiet quitting in the workplace is happening and most likely lethal. The employees disengage from their work and organization without overtly expressing their intentions or concerns.  Rather than openly resigning or causing […]

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Mastering the Art of Leading Remote Work Teams

The number of companies adopting and managers leading remote work teams has increased significantly. The COVID-19 pandemic initiated this trend. Now however, controversy about the productivity challenges of leading remote work teams confront organizational assumptions about its effectiveness. According to Gitnux blog 56% of companies actively use remote workers. Forty-four percent of companies do not […]

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