The High Performance Formula Drives Employee Success

The high performance formula is a recipe for greatness. This means creating a place where employees want to a good job, routinely go the extra mile, improve productivity, and are highly engaged in their jobs. The formula represents areas where managers can initiate positive behaviors. As a result, employees respond with excellent if not great […]

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A Success Mindset: 3 Priority Keys for Action

A success mindset involves your attitudes, feelings, values, and beliefs about yourself. As a result, you are a success regardless of the current circumstances, wins or losses, victories or defeats. Success is not a cookie-cutter, once-in-a lifetime idea. It’s not about money, position, influence, or power. It’s not a journey or destination. We have seen […]

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What Employees Really Want at Work

With low employee engagement a global phenomena companies don’t to seem to care about what their teams want. Yet, businesses are challenged in today’s marketplace to get and keep good people.  Organizations produce employee engagement problems because of poor bosses and toxic workplaces. Consequently, over 70% of employees don’t trust executives. As a result, companies […]

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The Power of High Performance Coaching

Shhh, this is a high performance secret! Not even the CIA, KGB, MI6 or Mossad know about this! Coaching is the ‘secret sauce’ to leadership success. Unfortunately, few managers understand this. Therefore, they make the eleven fatal mistakes over and over. These will be covered in the high performance training video. Hardly shocking, these mistakes […]

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How to Accelerate Your Goal Achievement

Who doesn’t want more goal achievement?  Here is the first step, to be all you can be you must dream of being more. Once you do that goal setting principles can begin to work for you. This goal achievement training video will teach the secret of the 5 Laws of GoalPower and how to activate […]

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The First & Only Leadership Rule Video Training

In the movie, A Bug’s Life, Hopper the grasshopper says, “The first rule of leadership is everything is your fault.” That is scary, isn’t it? It certainly can seem to be the way it is, but that’s more a potential outcome than a rule. I have heard of a couple of ways to define the first rule […]

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Employee Disengagement is a Dinosaur Result

Employee disengagement plagues many companies. Subsequently, with the pandemic many companies added to their neglect and abuse of employees. For example, read these situations. Recent Employee Disengagement Examples The May Day strike of Amazon, Target, Walmart, Instacart and others highlights employee disengagement. Front-line employees are concerned about demanding work schedules, the lack of safety and […]

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What Great Leaders Do: Engaging Employees in a Crisis

Great leaders shine in a crisis. Certainly, in good times great leaders communicate well. More importantly, during tough times they communicate brilliantly. 3 Examples How Great Leaders Engage Their Teams Watch this short but powerful leadership training video as Rick shares what great leaders do differently. In this leadership motivation clip you will hear three […]

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How to Turn Your Setback into a Payback: 4 Methods

Courageous people can survive just about any setback because they are resilient. Consequently, they learn to turn it into payback. They demonstrate hope within despair and defeat. All of us could use encouragement in the midst of this current pandemic. Likewise, we become more effective with help during our problems, setbacks or challenges. Watch this […]

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Employees are People NOT Assets

Calling employees assets, human capital, talent, worker bees, personnel, human resources, laborer, the help, and blue collar is demeaning. It generates a whole aura about how a company values people. Even the word employee carries negative connotations. It can mean average, or a cog in wheel or a commodity or a peon. In contrast, one […]

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