The Winning Team Formula for High-Performance Success

All leaders need a winning team formula for high-performance success. This is especially critical with the difficulty of attracting and keeping top talent. Consistent team turnover causes a host of problems that whittle away at morale and productivity. Eventually it leads to fatigue, doubt, and dissension. 7 Reasons Teams Lack a Winning Team Formula for […]

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The Greatest Leadership Myth Ever-Debunked!

The greatest leadership myth is not just about the American culture. It is a phenomenon that has infiltrated leadership thought globally. It impacts us all. We see the negative side effects of it most prevalently in the media. Every day another leader bites the dust because of indiscretion and receives infamous publicity. Why? What is […]

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The Power of Coaching for High Performance

In this leadership training video Rick teaches the power of coaching for high performance. His coaching tips will enhance your leadership skills. Dig into it, if you need to motivate your employees or want to reach the next level of leadership effectiveness. Coaching for High Performance Coaching is the difference maker between leadership success and […]

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Office Politics: Crossing Swords or Building Bridges

Office politics most often leads to crossing swords or building bridges. You see, office politics spawn from human nature-good or bad. Being political means seeking to use or gain position power and influence. Why are leaders and others so political in companies? Like it or not, politics is partly inherent in their jobs. Leaders are […]

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The Top 50 Inspirational Recognition and Appreciation Quotes

What inspires people? These top fifty quotes elevate the importance of appreciation and recognition. People want their boss or co-workers or friends to recognize their value and efforts. They want to be noticed, too. According to research, 91 percent of employees want more recognition at work, and only half say they get any at all–ever. […]

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Servant Leadership: The Future of Work

The future of work demands Servant leadership. Why? Because of high employee disengagement, and management failure. This is evident by the Great Resignation and quiet quitting. Organizations must do better. All managers must do better to accelerate their career and team success. Unfortunately, toxic cultures and bad bosses tend to rule. This leadership video training […]

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The Servant Leadership Advantage for YOU!

Why is Servant Leadership an advantage for you? If you are a manager, if you learn it, you will be more successful. (See this: The Potential, Principles, and Payoff of Servant Leadership.) If you are an employee your workplace will be more pleasant if not inspiring. How is Servant Leadership different from traditional leadership? Servant […]

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How Learning and Development Accelerates Career Success

By accident and necessity I discovered, how learning and development accelerates career success. Unfortunately, over the last three years, I have heard and noticed that leaders and managers are increasingly anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, and frantic. Learning and development are not a priority. The pandemic shook us all to the core with unprecedented problems. As it […]

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