SuperSTAR Performance: Promotions, Incentives & Fun

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Promotions, incentives and fun-that is the leadership topic of today.

Sit back and ask yourself, “Why do people go to work?” What do you think the number one answer would be to that question? They must! To make a living, they must go to work. What if the first answer that came to your mind was: they want to! Can you even imagine how great life would be if that is how we all felt about work?

Somewhere along the lines of time, things got skewed in the workplace. Although fun is not the primary reason we are there, whoever decided that it should not be a part of the equation? We go to the gym for other reasons than fun, but we still have the choice to make our workout fun, right? Yet, I would assume that we are bound to work out more often when it is a good time. We go on vacations to get away. However, we still make some serious strides to ensure that fun slips into our holiday, right? In all other areas of life, sometimes fun becomes intentional and sometimes organic, so why treat the workplace any differently?

3 Promotion Strategies for Inspiring Your Team

SuperSTAR Performance: Promotions, Incentives & FunWork and play got separated at some point, but we think it is critically to realize that they are mentioned TOGETHER because they belong TOGETHER. Employees want to enjoy their work. So, as a leader, it is your job to do your best at bringing the fun into your workplace. How do you do that?

These three things help to give your employees incentives to perform to their utmost potential. As a leader, it is your job to help them have fun, it is your job to increase the incentives, and it is your job to prioritize promotions when they are deserved. Most notably, each of these helps increase trust with management and employee engagement.

  1. Create and encourage team projects. When a group is committed to something together, the chances that they will have a good time collectively also increase. Positivity is contagious. Also, a healthy level of competition is always good to inspire employees to bring their best to the table.
  2. Schedule communication activities. Set aside a time each week where employees get together to discuss priorities, progress, and performance. These should be ongoing collaborative conversations. Doing this allows for more opportunities for fun, as well as increased awareness on everyone’s end, as far as what is happening within the team.
  3. Plan social gatherings. Sometimes it is considered “unprofessional” to plan non-work events at work. We believe it is not only professional (when appropriate), but it is smart. Learn about what your employees enjoy and plan something that’s “outside the office,” so that team members can get to know one another apart from the stress and seriousness that the office offers.

Pulling It All Together

Plato said, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” As a manager, you will be amazed at what you can learn about your employees by watching them enjoy themselves. It is not about all work and no play; it is about a balance. So now, identify one reason you tend to avoid having fun in the workplace and brainstorm one solution you must extinguishing that excuse.

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