The Power of High Performance Coaching

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Shhh, this is a high performance secret! Not even the CIA, KGB, MI6 or Mossad know about this! Coaching is the ‘secret sauce’ to leadership success. Unfortunately, few managers understand this. Therefore, they make the eleven fatal mistakes over and over. These will be covered in the high performance training video. Hardly shocking, these mistakes lead to employee disloyalty and lower performance. Duh!? Also, this leadership coaching video training will give five disciplines to combat the above mistakes.

The Power of High Performance CoachingAccording to research, 97% of people have self-limiting beliefs that derail their careers. Great coaches help employees overcome these to achieve incredible results. Correspondingly, poor managers make fatal coaching mistakes that often lead to despair for the employees. Consequently this equals defeat for the managers. Furthermore, all employees will perform better with excellent coaching. Most employees think they are performing well. Most can perform significantly better. Transform you career from manager to leader by becoming a high performance and impact coach!


  1. Positive Influence
  2. Clarity of Outrageous Goals
  3. High Performance Training
  4. Courageous Communication
  5.  Outstanding Results

The coaching training video will give details for each area. These will be invaluable. It’s not about being content with status quo. It’s about achieving 25%, 49% 75% over 100% or more improvement in results. Through our consulting projects we have helped clients do this time and again. People can do incredible things if you coach them to succeed. Professional athletes hire personal coaches. Olympic athletes need coaches to win the gold medal. Today, most executives get coaches to help them win. Your team needs you to be a stellar coach to reach their personal best high performances. Can you get excited about that? Take notes as you watch this high performance training video. Wow! GIVE THIS COACHING VIDEO TRAINING A THUMBS UP! THANKS FOR WATCHING. THE BEST OF SUCCESS TO YOU!

The Power of High Performance CoachingIn addition, do you want to accelerate your leadership and coaching skills? See this complimentary guide: Coaching for Results.

Finally, do you want a proven game-plan for high performance and career success? If so, check out Rick’s Superstar Leadership eBook.

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