3 Approaches for High Performance Team Planning

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High performance team planning answers one question. What’s your plan for your team’s success this month, this quarter and this year? If you don’t plan well, you are planning to fail. In this leadership training video, Rick will share with you 3 levels of operational planning that will lead you to victory. It does take time but not that much. It is involved but not complicated. A good team plan should be a couple of pages at the most. However, most managers and companies don’t plan well as the statistics below verify.

Leading high performance team planning

The Lack of High Performance Team Planning

  1. Only 27% of plans are based on employees workload.
  2. Only 35% believe their planning and execution process gets results.
  3. 73% of CEOs say improvement is needed in planning, strategy & execution.
  4. 75% of mgrs. don’t have an incentive tied to executing new strategies and plans.
  5. 82% of CEOs believe don’t believe their execution of plan is effective
  6. 92% of organizations don’t track results on the execution of their plans.
  7. 95% of managers and employees don’t understand what’s expected of them related to company plans and execution.

What does High Performance Team Planning Mean to You?

 If you get your team involved in creating a team plan, you will create understanding, commitment, motivation and buy-in. You will have an advantage over other managers because few do this. Most plans come from on “high”. Your team will perform at a higher level in their execution and engagement for success. Why? Because it is their plan, too.

Also, in this team training and planning video, you will learn the importance of translating team plans into individual performance performance plans for each employee. The process described is simpler and more powerful than nearly every performance system on the market. This will help you accelerate your team’s engagement, productivity and results. The value of on-going coaching will  be emphasized and highlighted, too.

Planning with a High Performance TeamFinally, Rick will review the importance of your own personal and professional planning for success. You have to know what you want, too. Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” When you do this you lead by example.

These 3 planning levels gives you a Win/Win scenario for your team and you. Want to have a great year and improve results? Watch this leadership  training video clip and access the resources below. (If you like the video, click thumbs up or leave a comment. Thanks.)

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High performing teamWant to kick start your team progress, check out this Creating a High Performance Team eBook by Rick.

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