How to Turn Your Setback into a Payback: 4 Methods

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Courageous people can survive just about any setback because they are resilient. Consequently, they learn to turn it into payback. They demonstrate hope within despair and defeat. All of us could use encouragement in the midst of this current pandemic. Likewise, we become more effective with help during our problems, setbacks or challenges. Watch this motivational video to gain ideas how to rise about any crisis you face in your life. You will gain four methods that work.

The Cultural Challenge to Our Setbacks

How to Turn Your Setback into a Payback: 4 Methods How to Turn Your Setback into a Payback: 4 Methods Unfortunately, Steven Wolin, Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University, says our culture tends to perpetuate all of us as victims. He says it encourages frailty by enabling people to dwell on their troubles too much. This inhibits the capability to rise above a life crisis or setback, and to rebound positively. Research shows all people have the capacity for resiliency and that needed behaviors are learned. These positive “rising above the situation” habits include:

  • Believing in yourself
  • Expressing positive and negative emotions
  • Sharing constructive emotions
  • building strong relationships with others for support

Do these and you will make progress on turning your setback around.  Also, do the behaviors discussed in the video. Certainly, you will find the payback you want and need. Consider, there is no self-improvement only increasing in the ability to be all that you already are.

Pulling It All Together

In conclusion, courageous people face all the challenges life has to offer and are able to turn failures into successes. Consequently, they learn to build their broken places to become stronger. While it isn’t easy, you can, too. Watch this brief but inspirational video now and succeed. Regardless of what kind of setback you are facing, learn from the examples. Begin to use your life’s hardships to expand your capacity to live fully.

 In addition, do you want to turn a setback into a payback with more success? See this complimentary guide and assessment on Success Practices.

Finally, if you are a manager, see the complimentary Coaching for Results Assessment and Guide.   You will learn how to help others with their challenges, goals and setbacks.


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How to Turn Your Setback into a Payback: 4 Methods

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