What Employees Really Want at Work

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With low employee engagement a global phenomena companies don’t to seem to care about what their teams want. Yet, businesses are challenged in today’s marketplace to get and keep good people.  Organizations produce employee engagement problems because of poor bosses and toxic workplaces. Consequently, over 70% of employees don’t trust executives. As a result, companies leave money on the table, managers fail and employees have little loyalty.

What Employees Really Want at Work What Employees Really Want at Work A great leadership revolution is beginning. With the pandemic more companies are realizing how important their people really are. Some are beginning to change. What do employees want or need? They don’t want stupid stuff. For example, there was the Bubonic plague in the western US. It was contained and so the government spent millions to figure out how to prevent things like that. What did the government do? They created a marketing campaign to tell people, “DON’T play with dead animals.” Duh?

3 Keys to What Employees Want

Employees want three key elements. See the video clip for more details.

  • Partnership
  • Personal Development
  • Purpose

Be on the forefront of this revolution. Apply these with enthusiasm. Therefore, make sure you take notes to identify how managers need to take four critical actions to ensure this happens.

In addition, consider these two powerful quotes:

“Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person-not just as an employee-are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customer which leads to profitability.” Ann Mulcahy

“When people go to work they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.” Betty Bender

Finally, if all of this helps and makes sense give this video a “THUMBS UP” please. Thank you!

What Employees Really Want at Work What Employees Really Want at WorkFurthermore, do you need or want to accelerate your skills to motivate and lead others? See this complementary guide: How to Motivate-NO-Inspire People: 10 Keys to Employee Engagement. 

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What Employees Really Want at Work

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