What Great Leaders Do: Engaging Employees in a Crisis

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Great leaders shine in a crisis. Certainly, in good times great leaders communicate well. More importantly, during tough times they communicate brilliantly.

3 Examples How Great Leaders Engage Their Teams

Watch this short but powerful leadership training video as Rick shares what great leaders do differently. In this leadership motivation clip you will hear three examples of what the best leaders do and learn how you can adapt that for what you do. Consequently, in a crisis, everything changes, particularly how you keep and improve employee engagement.

  • How do you deal with people?
  • What about the problem?
  • Where do you put your focus?

What Great Leaders Do: Engaging Employees in a Crisis What Great Leaders Do: Engaging Employees in a CrisisFor another example, check out this recent news. The leaders of GM and Tesla showed up in the press.  Elon Musk (Tesla) defied California officials “stay at home” orders for Covid19. He played to the media and threatened to move his operations. Mary Barra (GM) reached out to employees with a “back to work” package, and focused on personal communication with them and their safety. Which one is all about me or the employees? 

The Great Leadership Challenge

The answers to all of the above questions determine whether or not a leader connects and maintains trust with his or her audience, team or constituents. All managers will face challenges, big or small, like this. Will Rogers said, “In a time of crisis people want to know how much you care, more than they care about what you know.” James Kouzes, co-author of the Leadership Challenge book added, “Only those leaders who act boldly in times of crisis and change are willingly followed.” I add that to be a great leader a person needs to act boldly and consistently while communicating with people: positively, constructively, consistently and with empathy. Consequently, this gives them hope and encouragement while accelerating their performance and engagement.

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What Great Leaders Do: Engaging Employees in a Crisis What Great Leaders Do: Engaging Employees in a CrisisAlso, do you need or want to accelerate your skills to motivate and lead others? See this complementary guide–How to Motivate-NO-Inspire People: 10 Keys to Employee Engagement. Finally, do you want a helpful and proven game-plan for your management career success? If so, check out Rick’s Superstar Leadership Performance Plan.

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What Great Leaders Do: Engaging Employees in a Crisis

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