Why won’t They Recruit and Hire Him?

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A manager that can recruit and hire better people has a good opportunity to be a great manager.

A friend of mine is looking for a job in retail in the Denver area. He’s been going on line filling out applications. He’s semi-retired and wants something to do to add value and keep busy. He has 30+ years experience running retail store operations, CX departments and training groups for three major retail groups. Recently, he went in to talk to two different store managers. They said, “We would love to hire you. Fill out the online app and we will get back to you.”

Consequently, nothing happened. No follow-up, no acknowledgement of an application ever being completed. And, the stores still have signs that they need people.Check me if I am wrong, it’s hard to get good people today, right? How recruiters or managers recruit and hire can make or break a business. The squeeze is on to have a full crew. Why aren’t they following up?

What is happening with those that Recruit and Hire?

I can guess at two things.

First, age discrimination. I thought this was illegal when you seek to recruit and him new employees? My friend is obviously over qualified and experienced, but he doesn’t want to run the place anymore. He just wants to help out and have something more to do. He be a great addition to any team.

Furthermore, lousy procedures. It seems like the accountable manager is out of the loop in the selection process, and the corporate recruiters are either too busy, don’t want to hire older workers, and don’t follow-up very well.

Do you think they should Recruit and Hire Him?

Certainly, I do know this. The quality of the hiring effort determines the quality of the applicants and eventual newly hired employees. Consequently, the hiring process either begins a great employee experience or a potentially poor one. In addition, a great hiring process adds to the bottom-line. It also, is expressive of the company’s commitment to an exceptional customer experience. Either way, the companies my friend has contacted are losing out. I wonder how often something like this is happening to others? Finally, I have learned that the best managers are always seeking to recruit or hire top people. And, they consistently have the best people on their team.

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Why won't They Recruit and Hire Him? Why won't They Recruit and Hire Him?

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