Win an Employee’s Heart, Achieve Superb Results

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Most employees go to work, and his or her heart isn’t in it. What does that mean? Leaders’ say employees lack engagement. In other words, they lack spirit and excitement for what they do. As a result performance, sales, customer service and quality suffers. Can you relate to this? So, the job is a job. It’s a means to an end to get a paycheck.

A Leader Captures a Person’s Heart

Win an Employee's Heart, Achieve Superb ResultsToo many company cultures are toxic. Consequently, people are in fear or get beat up or don’t get much support.  Employees are treated as assets not people, and engaged like numbers on a spreadsheet: dull and boring. Real leaders capture the heart of each team member.  How? They engage their team in consistent high performance coaching for results. Certainly, they influence their employees positively not negatively. Employees may have the skill and knowledge, but if they aren’t inspired it won’t be fully applied.

Actions Steps for Coaching for Results

Most importantly, leaders communicate well. Therefore, they communicate consistently with these kinds of activities:

  • Setting clear business goals and expectations
  • Establishing what the employee wants: career, personal, financial desires
  • Asking for input
  • Listening well
  • Providing personal development training
  • Problem-solving together
  • Encouraging, recognizing, praising
  • Holding employees accountable for great results based team objectives and personal discussions
  • Making the time-the team is more important than the goal

2 Kinds of Coaching that Inspire the Heart

Win an Employee's Heart, Achieve Superb ResultsFirstly, effective leaders do informal coaching on a daily basis. This means throughout the day they ignite the heart of any employee by communicating in short bursts. Through a minute here or a minute there they might give someone a compliment. Or, send an encouraging text or answer a question positively.  Also, help with a problem. In addition, follow-up on an issue through a phone call. Do you see where this is going? This can happen all day. Therefore, it could involve a chance meeting in the hall that leads to a quick goal review. And, it should include a good morning and talking about the latest weather. Feedback from thousands of managers says that these kinds of encounters happen with employees 30-50 times a day. If each is a minute or so is it too much to ask to invest an hour a day with your team?

Secondly, coaching for results also involves setting scheduled one on one times with each employees. This is formal coaching. If you are separated by distance you can do it by video conferencing, Skype or the phone. These meetings generally take 30 minutes or so. Taking this time consistently also wins an employee’s heart. You invest the time in making them successful. When you do the actions described above collaboratively and constructive, you send a powerfully positive message.  These approaches mean-I care about you. I will do everything I can to help you achieve great results here and to whatever career aspirations you have. Consequently, it’s a powerful self-motivator for the employee to step up. Therefore, this kind of coaching has to be done regularly. Usually that means at least monthly.

Pulling It All Together

Win an Employee's Heart, Achieve Superb ResultsIn summary, coaching is the secret sauce of leadership success. Why? When done genuinely and with integrity, it helps employee inspire themselves. It brings out the best in people. Any leader that wants to achieve superb results coaches relentlessly and passionately.

Finally, are you committed to your team’s success and ramping-up your career? If so, see this complimentary eBook and guide: Coaching for Results.


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